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Any supply chain process can improve by leaps and bounds with a few minor tweaks. That’s good news for companies, as they can quickly get a considerable edge over their competitors by adopting a few key technologies and changing a few processes.

Most business owners will think twice before adopting new technology or charting a new path, as usual, trying something new implies a hefty investment. But what if by adopting some new technology you could not only make your processes faster, efficient, and error-free but also generate the return on investment faster than you think?

In the case of a supply chain, saving just a few steps, or improving a component or two of your business can produce measurable cost savings and productivity gains.

One such way to boost productivity and save costs is embracing Zebra scanners and printers. Not only is Zebra the global leader respected for innovation and reliability, but the company also offers technologies that can be tailor-made for your particular scenario, allowing you to see opportunities to create new value.

With the industry’s widest range of printers and scanners, you can accurately print, encode, and scan high-quality RAIN RFID labels, tags, and cards for your business.

How do Zebra printers and scanners ensure excellent ROI?

There are numerous ways in which deploying Zebra printers and scanners can impact your business. There are several benefits such as improved efficiency, faster workflow, improved accuracy, and simpler operations. For the sake of this article, however, let’s just focus on how Zebra products can also help you in enjoying relatively quicker ROI.

1. Save labour costs through automation

With the help of RFID scanners, you can automate the tracking of your inventory and its movement. The real-time information about your inventory location and status can be straightaway uploaded to your financial management system or ERP saving you hours each day. Using RFID technology in your supply chain process also eliminates the need for manual intervention up to a large extent, making your workflow smoother, quicker, and error-free. Using fixed readers at strategic points can also save time during production.

2. Minimize expenses due to inaccuracy

The supply chain industry typically witnesses a 2.5% error rate in warehousing operations, which causes problems such as shipping the wrong items or quantity or shipping goods to the wrong customer. This leads to unforeseen and unplanned expenses. The use of Zebra scanners and mobile printers enables warehouse personnel to perform cycle counts while they are in the aisles, improving real-time inventory accuracy, which reduces the error rate drastically and solves the aforementioned problem.

3. Process higher volume in less time

Zebra Technologies conducted a time-motion study of receiving operations with and without the use of mobile printers. In the warehouse where the study took place, a worker had to take nine steps to travel from the pallet with items for labelling to the label-printing station. The study found that when belt-worn mobile printers were used to eliminate the walk to the printing station, the pallets were labelled in 42 percent less time (28.11 seconds compared to 49.74). Based on the volume of materials processed at that particular distribution center, managers quickly determined that a mobile printing system could provide significant productivity gains and a rapid ROI.

4. Higher profits through customer satisfaction

Using RFID scanners and printers enables you to avoid out-of-stock situations and always relay correct stock information to your customers. Not only do you get a competitive edge over your competition, but also ensure your customer base is a happy lot, owing to consistently providing them accurate stock information. It’s not a secret: happier customers mean more sales and higher profits!

5. Process put away tasks faster

Studies conducted by Zebra Technologies have shown that the use of mobile printers and scanners results in items labelled at putaway processed 62 percent faster than traditional methods. A few simple calculations showed that the company could receive complete ROI in less than a year simply by using mobile printers to supplement put away and receiving operations.

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