Barcode India Site Surveys / Studies 1

Planning for full scale roll out of wireless infrastructure is a big task for any organisation. Things become more complex when wireless needs to be planned for non-office areas including of warehouses, factory shop floors, open yards etc. Not just complex floor layouts, dense bins, metal rack, ever changing obstacles and moving assets but also the users are not fixed in these areas. The users are bound to move which makes things more complex. Such areas cannot be ensured 100% wireless service by simply plugging access point anywhere.  Even best of the access points can fail in such situation if they are not properly planned keeping in view all the factors.


With companies moving toward more automation solutions like Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Everything (IoE), more and more devices are going to be utilizing wireless as “Glue” to access the network. It becomes more important that today’s wireless are designed to meet tomorrow’s business requirements and should not be a bottleneck from design perspective.


At BCIL, we understand this challenge of organisations and their dependence on reliability of wireless network. Our Site Survey service is a unique blend of technology, experience and professional tools to plan your wireless network for the best in class performance and reliability.


The purpose of site survey is to determine two important things. First and foremost, important is to establish the feasibility of wireless in a given facility. Secondly, plan for the physical placement of AP for both best signal coverage and bandwidth. It is important to understand that AP placement is very important for best combination of coverage and bandwidth. Too far apart AP placement can give bigger coverage area, however the bandwidth will become a challenge. Not just bandwidth, but this can also introduce coverage holes in certain areas. Very close AP placement also introduces many challenges. While this can give better signal and bandwidth, it can also introduce interference to neighbouring APs resulting in poor performance.


Using professional tools and your floor layouts, we perform a survey for the given facility. All the areas needed to be covered are ensured that enough signal is planned and bandwidth is available to users as per the requirements. APs are placed in such a manner that channel and power setting do not create interference. Not just for coverage, but network is also designed to sustain any AP failure wherein neighboring AP can provide coverage.


The outcome of site survey is a professional report which gives details about the coverage area, complete bill of material, bandwidth availability, power and channel distribution. A well designed network not only gives maximum uptime but also reduces operating costs by reducing service calls related to wireless.


BCIL customers are already enjoying benefits of professionally planned wireless network design combined with enterprise grade wireless networks in mission critical business applications.