Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a form of wireless communication that uses radio waves to identify and track objects. RFID takes the barcoding concept and digitizes it for the modern world providing the ability to:

  • Uniquely identify an individual item beyond just its product type
  • Identify items without direct line-of-sight
  • Identify many items (up to 1,000s) simultaneously
  • Identify items within a vicinity of between a few centimetres to several meters
  • RFID can identify individual objects at rates of over 1,000 tags per second.


BCIL specializes in providing business automation solutions to the global RFID market. We have implemented a wide variety of enterprise class solutions for supply chain automation, manufacturing automation for Automotive, Pharma, FMCG, Consumer durable, Oil & Gas and Retail item level RFID applications.


At BCIL, we engage deeply with the businesses in market verticals such as Retail, E Commerce, Transport and Logistic, Automotive, Pharma, FMCG, Healthcare, Consumer Durables and Govt , to study the existing processes, understand pain points and challenge areas, design and architect and build a technology road map based on optimal solution set using combination of RFID and AIDC technologies.

Barcode India RFID
Barcode India RFID 1

RFID Applications

  • Automate inventory and asset-tracking in healthcare, manufacturing, retail and business sectors
  • Identify the source of products, enabling intelligent recall of defective or dangerous items such as tainted foods, defective toys and expired or compromised medication
  • Prevent use of counterfeit products in the supply chain
  • Improve shopping experience for consumers, with fewer out-of-stock items and easier returns
  • Provide visibility into the supply chain, yielding a more efficient distribution channel and reduced business costs
  • Decrease business revenue lost to theft or inaccurate accounting of goods
  • Improve security through better cargo monitoring at ports
  • Enable access control of certain areas or devices