Inlay (or insert) is the start point for an RFID tag technology, this is essentially a complete tag that is ready to be embedded in a label or encapsulated. An inlay consists of an IC, an antenna, attached to the substrate. Typically, the substrate does not have an adhesive. The inlays are supplied on a reel of continuous web and are used by label makers, also called converters, to embed RFID functions into labels.


Smart Labels

Smart labels, often called labels, are made of layers of thin sheets of various types of materials with an RFID inlay embedded within those layers. These layers usually include the linear or carrier sheet, linear release coating, inlay adhesive, tag inlay, face stock adhesive, label material, and label topcoat. Barcodes and textual information are usually printed on the smart label material in addition to an identifying number that is encoded into the embedded RFID inlay.


Smart labels come in various sizes, and depending on the material to be tagged, they have different types of tags embedded into them. They provide logistical information for shipping and handling of the products in the supply chain. They allow RFID encoding to be used while retaining the current barcode and human readable system. They provide an easy way to implement RFID systems within the supply chain, particularly for companies trying to meet the RFID mandates of their customers while simultaneously meeting their other clients’ ongoing barcoding requirements


We have ready-to-use RFID adhesive labels to suit all item-level labelling applications, including apparel, jewellery, healthcare, cosmetics, logistics, and asset tracking.


BCIL offers speciality RFID labels for securing IT and enterprise assets, valuable items or tools, which works the best on majority of surfaces. With combination of on-metal performance of hard tags and personalization easiness of smart labels On-Metal Labels makes the usage of RFID easier and efficient. On-Metal labels are ideal for applications on where size is a limitation, for example applications involving different kinds of IT and enterprise assets, valuable items or tools. The label can also be attached on curved surfaces like liquid bottles and metallic cylinders without affecting its performance. In actual use, these labels have already proven themselves to provide constant, reliable readings when attached on metal and used in highly demanding conditions.


We offer an extensive range of Smart labels optimized for tagging items of various shapes and sizes.

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