Barcode India RFID Middleware


  • Collect and Integrate Data – Our Middleware acts as a gateway or server where it connects different systems together enabling the efficient transport of data. When tags are read by an RFID reader, the data collected can be sent directly to the middleware in order to process it and then send it where it needs to go (such as warehouse management system, system database, or any other application). Readers communicate to Middleware via Reader Edge clients and similarly for other IoT devices.
  • Filter Data – In RFID applications, tagged items are read over and over again by the same RFID reader depending on how long they are in the field. RFID Middleware filters out the RFID tag reads, deemed most important and removes redundant or repetitive reads.
  • Structure Data – Middleware provides users the ability to understand what data they are collecting from each device (RFID reader, barcode scanners, etc.) and maps out the structure of where that data goes and when.
  • Manage Devices – Middleware is able to control the networking and settings of RFID readers (and other similar devices) and provides a simple way to update any change that needs to be made, even if there are varying types and brands of RFID readers on the network.
  • Integrate I/O devices – Middleware not only integrates RFID readers and/or Enterprise applications but also collects or controls our real time actions required for a business operation through parsing appropriate control signal to I/O devices like PLC’s, stack lights, buzzing etc.