Barcode India Pre-Sales Consulting

Technology is an ever evolving industry which keeps bringing new innovations into the benefits of businesses.  With ever changing technology, new products keep coming from time to time, offering smarter solutions to organisations.


Choosing the right product for the right application becomes a challenging task for the organisations. Be it a simple barcode scanner for point of sales checkout or a complex automation project needing combination of hardware products, the product selection is a critical part of the whole process.


At BCIL, we understand the best and worst of both the business and technology worlds. Our pre sales consultants are equipped with skills to address your challenges of selecting the right product for the right business application scenario.


Be it Barcode decoding or RFID reading or Enterprise mobility or Industry 4.0 or Internet of Things (IoT), our team of technology consultants keeps continuously experimenting with all new innovations taking place in these areas.