Solutions for Industry Vertical Specific Requirements

Barcode India Retail

Retail >

At BCIL, we specialise in providing solutions that support your business goals across the entire business processes – from purchase to inventory management, warehousing & logistics, in-store customer experience, loyalty management and business intelligence with our software Mobivue™.

Barcode India Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics >

BCIL brings in cutting-edge technologies that have a lasting impact on the future of logistics and supply chain management. Our state-of-the-art and robust applications & analytics, addresses the needs of growing and complex T&L  business processes and help achieve business objectives.

Barcode India Automotive 2

Automotive >

We at BCIL help you achieve seamless integration and visibility throughout your complex supply chain right from Receipt of Goods to Warehousing, Vendor Management, Work-In-Process, Parts Traceability, Vehicles Turn-Around-Time Monitoring, Finished Goods Yard Management, Quality Management and Warranty Tracking.

Barcode India Pharma

Pharma >

At BCIL, we help Automate Work-in-Process, RM Stores, Dispensing, FG Stores, Weighing Scale – Auto Weight capture and process & software consulting. Our solutions help you achieve FEFO, WIP Tracking and Yield capturing at every stage of production.

Barcode India FMCG


At BCIL, we have partnered with some of the biggest FMCG organisations to provide them with solutions in Supply Chain, Factory Automation, Quality Control, Warehousing & Logistics, Distribution, Sales Force Automation, Sales Generating Asset Tracking, Pallet Tracking and Business Intelligence.


Barcode India Electronics and Consumer Durables 1

Consumer Durables >

We at BCIL have an in-depth understanding of the electronics industry and offer solutions in Work-in-Process Tracking, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Traceability solutions for Quality Management, Warranty Tracking, Field Force Automation, Reverse Logistics Management and Vendor Management .

Barcode India Healthcare

Healthcare >

BCIL provides you with barcoding and mobility solutions for your hospital or nursing home for accurate & real time data in your Path Labs, Pharmacy, Inventory of Consumables, Medicines & Diagnostic Equipment, Bedside Drug Administration, Patient Tracking to help you provide the best health care services to the patients.

Barcode India Govt

Govt >

At BCIL, we have been providing Automated Data Capture solutions in various government bodies for Asset Tracking and Management, Inventory & Warehouse Management, Tracing and Tracking solution for distribution of subsidised food and fertilizer to give real time visibility throughout the complete supply chain for better management and reduce losses.