Increased dependence of operations on mobility in business applications has led ERPs to provide mobile friendly application screens for critical business scenarios. These web friendly interfaces allow the mobile workers perform various business operations directly into the ERP through mobile interface. While on one side this brings application directly to workers, on the other hand, the nature of browsers becomes a hindrance in the implementation of such solutions.


Enterprise browser or Industrial browser is the replacement of existing browsers provided on most of the industrial mobile computers. While the industrial browser offers better user experience and more control on the device, it also adds security to enterprise applications. The administrator can configure the browser initially and lock the other features where user cannot change the URL and also can prevent the browser from being closed accidentally. The Industrial browser adds more device features which includes controlling the scanner, integrating with printers or other devices and feeding this data in a controlled manner to web interface of the ERP application. With unnecessary buttons gone and web address bar gone, it provides more work area to users giving them more screen interface.


Also, browser offers customized keyboard which can help simulate ERP function keys and can also have complex macros to simulate certain ERP sequences through virtual keyboard.


BCIL experts are trained on configuring the industrial browser and connecting the same to customer’s ERP solutions.

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