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As the Internet of Things (IoT) is making its way into businesses, so is the reliability of Wireless Infrastructure is becoming a key component for the success of any IoT solution. WLAN is also known as “Glue for IoT” systems.


When deploying wireless in office campus, it is simple and easy to predict the coverage and bandwidth requirements. Reliability and Flexibility of wireless is mostly second priority for any organisation when considering office campus-wide wireless rollout. However, when it comes for WLAN beyond office campus i.e. warehouses, shop floors, open yards etc., then simple coverage and bandwidth are not the only measureable benchmarks for wireless.


At BCIL, WLAN doesn’t simply start at AP or Controller. The solution starts with a robust wireless cell design using professional site survey tools. All the necessary business needs and infrastructure constraints are taken into considerations to ensure that wireless cells are planned for coverage and any failure.

At BCIL, we engage deeply with the businesses in market verticals such as Retail, E Commerce, Transport and Logistic, Automotive, Pharma, FMCG, Healthcare, Consumer Durables and Govt , to study the existing processes, understand pain points and challenge areas, design and architect and build a technology road map based on optimal solution set using combination of EWLAN and other mobility technologies.

BCIL Wlan Services

  • WLAN Site Survey
  • Product selection
  • Network Design
  • Network Integration
  • Controller Commissioning
  • Access Point installation
  • AirDefence Security
  • Interference Detection
  • L2 Packet Analysis
  • Network Performance Audit
  • Technical Support
  • Trainings


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