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SOTI MobiControl is the mobile device management solution of choice for centralized control, robust security from deployment to retirement, SOTI EMM makes it easy to manage mobile devices and their applications, content and security. It does not matter what make, model or operating system, SOTI EMM solution handles BYOD devices as easily as it manages corporate-liable devices. No other EMM vendor can come close to SOTI’s rich history of product innovation and customer satisfaction.




SOTI EMM offers following:

  • Provisioning
  • Security
  • Management
  • Applications
  • Contents
  • Retirement
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Today’s businesses are becoming more and more dependent on enterprise mobility solutions. Mobile devices are now an integral part of any organisation’s IT policy. With increased adoption of mobility, more and more business data is being accessed through mobile applications. While on one side, this gives flexibility, mobility and accessibility, on the other side it also increases the security risk for business sensitive data. As organisations adopt Internet of Things, Big Data & cloud based solutions, the access to this data needs security at mobile access layer.


In the early days of business mobility, MDM was a powerful tool that helped IT staff manage mobile devices and keep them secure. However, the needs of the company have grown beyond simple MDM – more mobile workers, more types and models of mobile devices and more capabilities on those devices has significantly increased the mobile management challenge. In addition, your mobile workers need to be as productive on the road as they are in the office. They need access to key business applications and important company content but everything still needs to be manageable and secure. Today’s mobile businesses need Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).


At BCIL, we understand this challenge of businesses and bring the best solutions available in the market to our customers. BCIL partners with SOTI, a proven product innovator and EMM Industry leader. Over 16,000 customers across 170 countries rely on SOTI for their EMM needs. SOTI has strong partnerships with hardware manufacturers providing support for new mobile devices and operating systems well before the competition. SOTI understands the unique requirements of customers across industry verticals including logistics, retail, healthcare, education and field services. SOTI has a strong focus on R&D and keeps constantly innovating to do whatever it takes to keep the customers happy and successful.