Importance of Good Quality of Supplies

The extensive use of bar codes for automatic product identification has brought about major advances for the whole of industry in terms of logistics and traceability.


One of the main requirements is the zero-tolerance of printing errors. A spelling mistake in a word does not necessarily change its meaning; however, a poorly printed bar code renders it unusable. Different technologies exist for printing variable label information: one of the best is Thermal transfer Printing.


In thermal Transfer printing 2 major contributors besides Thermal Transfer Printers are Labels and ribbons. This combination is very important for printing and also for the life of the printers and its parts.


A good combination of supplies (Labels and ribbons) reduces the downtime and increases the efficiency.


The labels, tags and Ribbons used in your operations provide you with critical information to your business. It helps enhance the customer experience, enables you to improve operational efficiency, supports the growth of your business and can even ensure brand consistency.


Using the wrong combination of labels and ribbons or low quality, could open you up to reduced operational productivity and efficiencies, as well as reduced customer satisfaction.


BCIL has deep knowledge of thermal printers and understands the importance of using quality materials and processes. When you use high-quality, pre-tested, reliable and good quality supplies you can be rest assured that the supplies you rely on to provide critical data to improve your operations, don’t negatively affect your operational productivity and efficiency.