Barcode India Consulting Service 1

Technology Integration into businesses is playing a major role in today’s smarter business operations. Organisations are leveraging on technologies like RFID, Internet of Things, Barcode, Enterprise Mobility, Big Data, Cloud, Factory 4.0 and many more. All these technologies are highly dependent on the right data being captured at the right time and at the right place.


BCIL brings technologies into business processes, supply chain automation and connects the process data into customer systems. This allows them the real-time process visibility and further process optimization by analysing the real process indicators.


Our consulting services in retail , transport & logistics, automotive and pharma brings years of experience to our customers in developing highly efficient solutions utilising these latest technologies. With an in-depth operational knowledge, hundreds of customer operations, their challenges and their expectations, BCIL has successfully consulted these organisations in developing the best solution utilising best of both technology and process.